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11 Things Only The Youngest Will Relate To About Their Sibling Going To College

How many college tours did you go on?

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1. The long college tours

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You had to be dragged all over to visit colleges your sibling wanted to go to, and then hear your parents say that you should pay attention for when you go to college...

2. Two words-dorm shopping

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Your sibling and your mom on a shopping spree and then you just sitting in the background

3. When all anyone talks about is your brother or sister going away...

Yes I know they are leaving and no I won't cry

4. To the point where you will do anything for attention.

Maggie Moo Does Jiu Jitsu - blogger / Via

Catch the kid being moved out of the way, your sibling, when the girl falls, you.

5. When your parents cut back on spending if they are paying for your sibling's college or some of it

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You deserve a lil somethin somethin for putting up with this!

6. The moment when you feel like no one cares about you or your accomplishments anymore

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7. When your sibling doesn't get into their dream school and cries...

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Awkward hugging

8. Or if they do get in.

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Victory dinners all around!

9. When your sibling FINALLY leaves...

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House to yourself!

10. But then you realize you are alone with your parents and miss your sibling / Via

Please come back!

11. But then your brother or sister comes back to visit and you want them to leave again

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It's a vicious cycle

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