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Shawn Mendes Is Secretly All Of Us At The Gym

If this isn't the most relatable thing for people who try to go to the gym, then I don't know what is.... PS, Shawn if you read this, I LOVE YOU xoxo

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Shawn Mendes Is Secretly All Of Us At The Gym


Shawn Mendes was recently spotted at the Gym in Auckland New Zealand, however like every girl wishes to see Shawn flexing his muscles, he was doing quite the opposite.

In the morning Shawn was at the gym, when a fan decides to video Shawn there. As we know, Shawn LOVES to work out, but in this video, Shawn was just sat there taking a break, (as we all do) while people on either side of him were on the rowing machines.

Quite embarrassing for Shawn, as this video was all over fan accounts within minutes, and became a meme in New Zealand. Despite the embarrassment and invasion of privacy, Shawn shook it off, and found it just as hilarious as we're finding it. Doesn't this make us feel a bit better when we need a break, as we can now say Shawn is exactly like us in the gym! What a legend.

Don't worry Shawn, we all relate...

And for the record... Shawn told a New Zealand Radio station that he was having a break between sets. We believe you Shawn :)

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