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Are You Sianna Or Alyssa?

time to uncover the truth

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  1. What is your go to footware?

    Flip Flops or Toms
    Clogs or Birks
  2. What do you eat for breakfast?

    2-3 egg whites, sun butter, and a bannana
    Granola, yogurt, fruit, and sun butter
  3. What is your most recently used emoji?

    Normal heart
    Cry laugh face
  4. Which Christmas tree song do you lead?

    Feliz Navidad
    Oh Christmas Tree
  5. Preferred Temperature?

  6. What defined your first week of novice crew?

    Made friends
  7. What's wrong with your oar?

    I caught a crab while spinning
    I put no spacers under my oarlock and it made a weird sound
  8. What are you doing during lunch at Clemson?

    Reapplying Sunscreen
    Cultivating with teammates

Are You Sianna Or Alyssa?

You got: Sianna

We are not sure if you do cross fit, but you definitely rock a blender bottle as your go to accessory. Your Spotify has been permanently altered by the Trolling Challenge, but you're up to date on all the latest Kidz Bop releases! You tackle every challenge with sheer determination and cranking up the intensity, and you'll always have enough bobby pins for the perfect bun.

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You got: Alyssa

You're always the one to cheer WOOHOO in the middle of the worst workouts, and you begin, end, and continue any conversation by genuinely asking "How are you?" You may or may not be a CS genius (you are), but no one will ever know for sure because you're too humble. PSYCH! You're super rude and exclusive and probably the meanest person on the team next to Molly Hoyer. <3

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