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Laurel Greenfield Paints Deliciously Beautiful Art And You Need To See It


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This is Laurel Greenfield. She's a self-proclaimed "food-obsessed painter" from Boston, MA.

Donuts and ice cream are kind of her thing.

Here's a time lapse video showcasing her amazing talent.

Instagram: @laurelgreenfield

Yeah, I want to eat all of that.

Below, we have some more mouth-watering photos of Laurel's work.

Instagram: @laurelgreenfield

Sorry not sorry 😉

Like these stunning bagels that scream Sunday brunch.

Instagram: @laurelgreenfield

Lox, cream cheese, tomato, oh my!

This PB & J that takes you back to your elementary school cafeteria days.

Instagram: @laurelgreenfield

Or this ring pop which you were 100% sure your future husband would use to propose to you.

Instagram: @laurelgreenfield

These portraits of happy summer days in food form.

Instagram: @laurelgreenfield

Summer = Ice cream

Because you can NEVER have too much ice cream.

Instagram: @laurelgreenfield

Oh. my. God.

These donuts that you can take on the go!

Instagram: @laurelgreenfield

Donut phone case? I'm in.

Or these strawberries you can sleep with.

Instagram: @laurelgreenfield

For real though, this is the most beautiful artichoke pillow I've ever seen.

Instagram: @laurelgreenfield

Laurel, keep sharing your love for all things food!
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