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I Went To A Drag Show In New York City And It Was Life-Changing

10/10 would recommend.

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This past weekend I was in New York with my two friends and we were looking for something fun to do.


Well, low key fun.

Allow me to quickly describe myself. Overall, I would say I'm relatively average. Most of the time, I'm pretty awkward.

Well, going to a drag show was not something I ever really would have thought of attending. Let me tell you, you need to see a drag show before you die. There is only word to describe it:


There were people there from age 16 - 42+ which made the night even more interesting.

This show for me was completely life-changing. For one of the first times in my life I watched people strut their stuff and show off their utmost confidence. Each one of them radiated such extreme happiness. It was AMAZING.

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The audience could not help but smile back.

I appreciated how entertaining it all was and how difficult it had to have been to create this. They had to learn songs, dances, and do elaborate makeup.


TBH, I don't know how to contour like them...

What struck me most was the journey of how each one of these fabulous queens got to where they are now. Today, things looked so easy. They seemed comfortable, but each one of them had a story to tell and a voyage to reflect on.

Watching their confidence inspired me to give off more of mine. Now, I don't know any of their personal stories, but I can only imagine that there were hardships along the way.


I appreciated them and everything that they did to get there. I'm also grateful for the happiness and boldness they passed on to me in only one night.

Last night, I learned to WERK IT.

*I'm in the flannel
Olivia Gaynor

*I'm in the flannel

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