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    15 Feminist Lessons From Elena Alvarez

    THIS is the character we've been looking for.

    1. On becoming a woman

    Netflix / Via

    “You missed it. I was 12, I was in gym, and ironically, it happened in first period”

    2. On Buffy

    Netflix / Via

    “Well, it’s an allegory for how strong women are in constant battle with an oppressive, bloodsucking, male-dominated society."

    3. On dolls

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    Elena as the doll: "My body proportions aren’t representative of a typical girl my age!"

    Elena: "At least you know."

    4. On love


    "When I think about love…I see myself…Someday…Loving a woman."

    5. On being a total badass


    "Not that I buy into the aristocracy of the Ivy League, but it will be rewarding to turn Harvard down."

    6. On tiaras

    Netflix / Via

    "Mom, a tiara is a backward symbol of how women are only valued for their beauty. And now that I’m wearing one…I don’t care."

    7. On video games

    Netflix / Via

    "But we’re still sharing that PS4. I like video games, too. Girls like video games, too. Don’t you even."

    8. On automobiles


    “OK, mom, this is not just a car anymore. It is the symbol of the oppression that the bonds of marriage have placed upon you as a woman."

    9. On body hair


    "I mean, I thought it was cool that you were blurring gender lines with your upper lip...But this [Penelope going on a date] is great!"

    10. On 30-year-olds


    "I mean, it's well-documented that women in their late 30s are in their sexual prime."

    11. On being a strong and independent woman

    Netflix / Via

    "You keep saying that you want me to be this strong, independent woman like you. And then, when I tell you that I don’t want to be a part of something that I think is a misogynistic cultural ritual, you tell me to shut up, do it anyway."

    12. On being a strong and independent woman (pt. 2)

    Netflix / Via

    "He rejects me, I full-on fake cry, Abuelita feels guilty and boom! I escape the patriarchal tradition of having to be escorted to my quinces, and instead grow out my unibrow and read a poem about Frida Kahlo!"

    13. On family

    Netflix / Via

    "We'll...We'll do the whole thing. The ceremony, the stupid Watlz. We're gonna show them what single mothers can pull off. I will dress like a child bride for you, mom!"

    14. On complimenting boys

    Netflix / Via

    "You know, you look not that bad."

    15. On the patriarchy

    Netflix / Via

    “It’s much more subtle now. Men assert their power through microaggressions and mansplaining.”

    16. Elena, thanks for keeping it hella relevant.

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