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3 Reasons Why Orlando/Clermont Is Worth Moving To

Food, magic, and everything else.

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1. Fooooooooooooooood (and drinks)


Sustenance is vital. Thankfully, there is plenty of it here. Clermont is getting a new food joint every other day it seems (or you can visit the recently renovated, and GOAT, Chick-fil-a). If you don't mind paying a bit more and bumping elbows with tourists, make the drive into Orlando or visit the all new Disney Springs for some deeeeelicious food.

Grab some grub with your favorite online friend. Heck - you could even get a job serving at one of the local restaurants and make bank!

2. MAGIC (yes, it's real)

Talking animals, castles, wands, pixie dust..... All your dreams can come true (but at a price that keeps going up every year). Escape reality with your favorite online friend for a few hours.

3. Why wouldn't you want to live here?


Live closer to me, miles and miles of bike trails, beaches, a major airport, a million places with food and drinks, me, theme parks, tourists who don't know how to drive, the Citrus Tower, me, tons of job opportunities, me, lots of old people who play golf, me.....

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