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The Redline Report: "BMW Pickup Trucks"

"BMW pickup truck" sounds a dynastical marriage–a prestigious work of German engineering betrothed to an American work of utility and freedom. But when it comes to automotive prototypes, they are often teeming with creativity and innovation; fueled by those who think outside the chassis. BMW built two M3-based pickup trucks that never made it past the prototype stage but still deserve some spotlight. This isn't the first time that BMW has taken artistic liberties with its models, and fellow enthusiasts certainly hope it won't be the last. The first truck conversion is the timeless 1986 E30 M3 and the second is the ferocious 2011 E92 M3.

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Under the Hood: the E30 M3 Pickup Truck

BMW / Via

Originally, BMW created these pickup truck prototypes with the idea that they could serve as sports cars with the ability to transport parts and equipment when necessary (basically, your friend with the truck is no longer a necessity for track days). The first pickup truck began as an E30 M3 convertible that was equipped with a 2.0-liter engine pumped out 192 horsepower, eventually being replaced by a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that produced 200 horsepower. After 26 years of being used as a workshop transport car for BMW, the car was retired in 2012.

Under the Hood: the E92 M3 Pickup Truck / Via

The second and most recent prototype is the 2011 E92 M3 pickup truck. Alike the E30 pickup, the E92 began as a convertible. Enthusiasts went into a frenzy once BMW drove the pickup around the Nurburgring with the intention of Spy Shots being captured. An official press release was issued about the E92 pickup to land the scheduled April Fools' joke. This new pickup prototype is not going to be manufactured for the industry, but it will be used as a replacement workshop

transport car.

Unicorns Unite! / Via

The E30 M3 and E92 M3 pickup trucks take their place amidst the legendary BMW prototypes that have served the industry as unicorns of innovation and intrigue. Even though these quirky BMW pickup trucks never made it to the assembly line, BMW may have plans for the future to engineer models with their likeness to please the sports car enthusiast who needs the ability to store gear in a flatbed–perfect for track days!

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