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    Updated on Mar 26, 2020. Posted on Mar 24, 2020

    Top 10 Things You Should Change To Achieve Your Goals

    Everyone has goals that they want to achieve. The people achieving those goals are the ones that actively work at them. If you put off working towards your goal, you may never get it done. Be active. Make a plan, stick to it, and change the plan if needed.

    1. Change Your Motivation


    Set rewards for reaching a goal, especially the goals that you may not find enjoyable such as finishing homework or a work project. If you do not reward yourself for reaching goals that may not be satisfying to achieve, you will find yourself burned out.

    Remember your goals may change. Always be flexible with setting and achieving your goals as things in life change and your goals need to reflect these changes. It’s the small steps that you take that create the momentum for change to happen in your life.

    2. Change Your Habits

    Are you living in a way that allows you to achieve your goals? If you are job hunting, put aside some time each day for searching for jobs and putting in applications. If you are trying to have enough money in time for an event, make sure that you are putting a certain amount of money from each paycheck away into savings. Make your goals a part of your daily routine.

    3. Change Your Way of Spending

    Another thing that can keep you from achieving your goal is your spending habits. Money is crucial to some goals. If your goal is to save enough money for a down payment for a house or a deposit to get an apartment, you want to make sure to put money towards your goal. By never putting money aside to contribute to your goal, you are preventing yourself from achieving your goal. You are also putting achieving the goal off and making it take longer to achieve.

    4. Change Your Plan

    Look at your goal and the time that you allotted yourself to achieve the goal. Your time span may be unreasonable for what needs to be done or achieved. For money-oriented goals, look to see if there is any way to lower the money that you spend on non-essential expenses. Non-essential expenses are things such as movie rentals, video games, streaming services and other things unnecessary to survive. You can cut those non-essential costs and put more money towards your money-oriented goals. If you can’t afford to cut anything and you still can’t seem to save enough to reach your goal, your budget may be too low to put aside enough money to achieve the goal in the time span that you are going for. Make sure that your goals are reasonable and achievable within the time span set or change your plan.

    5. Change Your Place of Work


    Sometimes a change of jobs is necessary to accomplish your goals. If you are making $7.25 an hour, it would be extremely hard to have a savings at all. You may need to actively look for jobs that allow you to accomplish your larger goals such as having a home, raising kids, or having an adequate retirement savings.

    6. Change Your Friends

    If your friends tend to talk badly about you or view you in a bad manner, it can affect your mindset and how you view yourself. Try to find friends that encourage you to be at your best and believe in your abilities.

    Cut out friends who don’t lift you up or you don’t aspire to be like. You need to be around people who support and praise you while they also work on themselves. It might be hard to cut them off and take a risk. But I promise that being a lone wolf for a month or two will pay off big time in the end, in fact, you’ll be living the dream.

    7. Change Yourself-Talk


    How you view your goal determines how likely you are to succeed at your goal. Do these thoughts sound familiar?

    -I can't do this;

    -This is too hard;

    -This goal will take too long.

    If you are negative about your goals and your ability to achieve them, you are setting yourself up for failure before you even start. Instead find a goal that is achievable, make a reasonable plan to achieve the goal, set an ideal timeframe to achieve the goal, and work towards achieving the goal.

    8. Change Your Priorities

    Priorities serve as a guiding star to keep you on course. Every action that you take and every decision that you make will put you one step closer or one step farther away from your goals.

    If you have multiple goals, make sure to prioritize your goals. Some goals demand a more immediate response such as finishing work on a deadline. Others can take longer. Make sure focus on your immediate goals as much as possible and follow a plan for the longer-term goals.

    9. Change Your Place of Living if Needed

    Our environment affects our mood. If your environment is clean and organized, you may find that you are more relaxed. Sometimes a complete change of environment is needed. If your apartment is run by a landlord that never fixes anything for you and there are constantly problems, you may feel stressed all the time. You may also be constantly wasting money on unexpected expenses which can set back your money-oriented goals further. A change of place may be the best solution and a moving company can help you make your transition less stressful.

    10. Change Your Intensity

    If you are idle and never work towards your goal, you will never achieve your goal. If your goal is to get a job, how likely are you to get a job if you never job hunt or put in applications? Be active, plan, and make sure you stick to the plan. Do not wait and hope everything works out! Work towards the goal actively.

    What Achieving a Goal Looks Like?


    Everyone has goals that they want to achieve. The people achieving those goals are the ones that actively work at them. If you put off working towards your goal, you may never get it done. Be active. Make a plan, stick to it, and change the plan if needed. Change your mindset to a positive one and surround yourself with people and things that make your mood better. Only you have the power to change your own life.

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