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12 Gifts For The Dad That Has Everything

Well, almost everything... Dad will go nuts for these kooky gifts. For other Father's Day gift ideas, check out Old Spice and Walgreens.

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1. An action hero toolkit that will prepare him for any challenge.


Let your dad live out his MacGyver fantasies with this specialty toolkit. Knives, lasers, and screwdrivers are for sissies. Real men need only a shoelace, a stamp, and bobby pin to save the day.

3. A sampler of unusual smoked meats to please his adventurous palate.


For the meat lovers, Smoking Goose sells unique edibles like smoked elk terrine and duck pear pork sausage. Of course, you can never go wrong with the bacon sampler...

4. A how-to guide that will help him build the perfect shed.


If Dad is running out of space in the garage, gift him Shed Nation. This handy guide gives all the instruction and inspiration Dad needs to build the perfect man cave, greenhouse, or overnight mower stower.

6. A lifetime supply of skipping stones that will entertain him one throw at a time.

Korszun / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 59511456@N00

If you find yourself near a lake or river, 10 times out of 10 Dad insists on skipping stones. Why not buy him river stones* in bulk? It's the gift that keeps on giving — in a series of increasingly small, round splashes.

*Body of water not included.

7. A tactical chef's apron so he can cook like a commando.


Things can get violent when Dad is in the kitchen. Make sure he's got the tools he needs to get the job done (and protect himself while he does it). That's where the apron comes in. And it's got plenty of pockets and hooks for all the necessary implements.

8. A strip of bacon-scented air freshener to keep his car smelling delicious.


Dad loves his car, but does he love its smell? Give him a statement scent. Warning: The chances Dad stops to grab a quick bacon double chee increase 1,000% while using the bacon air freshener.

12. Lastly, give Dad the most ancient gift of all: fire.


Is lighting the fireplace, the stove, the grill, or the campfire always a chore for your dad? Gift him this cardboard fire. It's sure to warm his heart, if not his hands.