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The 14 Most Awkward Things Awkward Dads Do

It's the source of his power... But you've got to admit, you love him for it. This Father's Day, Old Spice and Walgreens want you to reward Dad for all his awkward antics.

1. Bring the funk in public...

2. ...and prove he's a Belieber at home.

3. Wear his "action shorts" literally every chance he gets.

4. Try to show off in front of your friends.

5. Strut his stuff at the beach.

6. And shamelessly work on his tan.

7. Make the same face in every... single... photo... he's ever taken.

8. Insist on helping with your science project, then taking it way too seriously.

"Mom! Get the fire extinguisher!"

9. Ask you all the important questions.

10. Photobomb your selfies.

11. Fall asleep in a weird position just before your friends come over.

12. Come to your rescue even when you don't need it.

13. Sell tickets to the gun show at every opportunity...

14. And finally: send you strange selfies...