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Apparently That Old Spice Guy Has A Son Who Doesn't Want To Also Be The Old Spice Guy

What happens when The Man’s son breaks with family tradition in pursuit of an understated life and an understated Old Spice?

The year was 2010. We were all watching television when suddenly a handsome, towel-clad man appeared on the screen and uttered two now-legendary words: "Hello, ladies."

He was "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like." And while he admitted that, sadly, most men aren't him, they could smell like him if they switched to Old Spice.

We marveled at The Man's handsomeness and charm, but also at his ability to seemingly shape matter around him — such as when he turned tickets to "that thing you like" into diamonds.

Or when he iconically declared that he was on a horse and, indeed, he was on a horse.

Well, it's a been a decade (!!!) and The Man Your Man Could Smell Like is back, but this time he's not talking to the ladies, he's talking to his son (yes, he has a son now).

The Man feels it's time for his son to put on the towel and join the family business.

In another appearance, he surprises his son during a game of pickup basketball to talk about Old Spice After Hours...

...before showcasing how it "whisks you away into the night" with jazz — materializing a jazz club, giant saxophone, and backing band to further his point.

However, while the son, much like his father, enjoys Old Spice, he prefers Old Spice Ultra Smooth, which handles sweat without "all that jazz."

You see, the son appears to be more interested in life's more understated luxuries — fewer dolphins and more successful fiscal quarters — which puts him at odds with his famously "epic" father.

But even though he is The Man, he is also a father. A father who loves his son despite their differing preferences in Old Spice–smelling smells.

Because sometimes a man wants to smell like his own man. Even if his dad is The Man men should smell like.

Of course, being the Old Spice guy, he can't miss the opportunity to challenge his son to a game of, what else, HORSE.

All images provided by Old Spice.

Here's to another 10 years of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like and his son who dared to smell like his own man, man, with Old Spice’s new Ultra Smooth.