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13 Really Important November Dates For Taco Fans

National Taco Day has come and gone (RIP), but have no fear! There are plenty of days to taco coming up!

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1. Day of the Dead (Nov. 1–2)

Halloween is cool and all, but it only lasts one stinking day! Día de los Muertos, on the other hand, lasts two days, and it is perfectly acceptable to treat yourself to tacos on each of them.

5. Black Friday (Nov. 24)

Black Friday is often associated with retail shopping, but if you're looking for a highly portable snack while you zip around from store to store, the obvious choice is tacos.

8. Oktoberfest (October?)

Yes, we hear you. OF COURSE we know that Oktoberfest is a German thing and technically is only from Sept. 22–Oct. 7. But also, Mexico's norteño music is heavily influenced by German polka, so there's kind of a connection here, right? Why not pair a good hefeweizen with zwei oder drei tacos for the rest of fall?

10. Thanksgiving Eve (Nov. 22)

Obviously, Thanksgiving is reserved for that famous bird. But the day before T-givez, you're not gonna wanna throw together anything big for dinner, so why not just throw some tacos together real quick?!

12. Taco Wednesday (Every Wednesday)

We know. Hear us out on this one. If you think about it, if your week is a taco, Wednesday is where your filling would be (i.e., the good stuff), so why not celebrate that with, naturally, tacos?

13. Taco Solstice (Fall in General)

In ancient Pagan traditions, it was customary to celebrate the bountiful harvest of tacos with jovial debauchery. It was customary that tacos be offered up to the Taco gods as delicious sacrifice. Scholars have long debated when this hallowed tradition (that we definitely didn't just make up for this post) takes place, so you're pretty much good to celebrate it from the time you're reading this until...well, whenever.

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Admittedly, some of these were kind of a reach, but honestly, we think that fall doesn’t have to be all about pumpkins! Anything goes in Old El Paso, so make autumn a time for tacos, not gourds.