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11 Utterly Cheesy Jokes That Still Make You Laugh

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1. What do you call cheese that isn't yours?

Patrick Breig / Thinkstock

2. What happened after the cheese factory exploded?

fcscafeine / Thinkstock

3. What do you call cheese that's depressed?

Donna Day / Thinkstock

4. Why did the can of cheese rush to the bathroom?

ATIC12 / Thinkstock

5. What did the slice of cheese say to his girlfriend?

George Doyle / Thinkstock

6. Why did the cheese break up with his girlfriend?

George Doyle / Thinkstock

7. What did the millionaire say as he paid to buy the world's most profitable cheese factory?

Photodisc / Thinkstock

8. Why does the pope like Swiss cheese?

sUs_angel / Thinkstock

9. Why was the cheese bad at exponential math?

geniebird / Thinkstock

10. What did the cheese dress up as for Halloween?

Fuse / Thinkstock

11. Why is bleu cheese the most unique?

fcscafeine / Thinkstock