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11 Reactions We Had To The Biggest Twist Endings

SPOILERS. BEWARE. Oldboy is out in theaters November 27. See why the twist will shock you to the core!

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4. Nah... he can't be him... can he?

In Fight Club when we finally understood that Tyler Durden and Edward Norton's character were the SAME PERSON!

5. He watches her die!

Ursula Coyote / AMC/Everett Collection

In Breaking Bad, Walter White (the high school teacher turned drug lord) is usually only guilty of causing the deaths of people who deserve to die... but this time he chooses not to help his partner's girlfriend live when he watches her choke on her own vomit and stop breathing.

6. Wait... really? The entire time?

In The Sixth Sense when Dr. Malcolm Crowe — the only person fighting to help Cole understand why he could see dead people —WAS HIMSELF DEAD THE WHOLE TIME.

7. Literally. Everyone. Is. DEAD.

When he dies and she dies and they die, too. You better not get too attached to anyone because most of the main characters die throughout the four seasons of AMC's award-winning series, The Walking Dead.

8. She's been dead for the entire time?!?!

Paramount Pictures/Everett Collection

When we found out that Mrs. Bates had been DEAD ALL ALONG and that her son Norman was actually completely insane in Hitchcock's highly acclaimed thriller Psycho.

9. He still probably doesn't remember.

In Memento when we finally discovered that the killer the protagonist had been in search of for the entire film turned out to be HIMSELF, and the anterograde amnesia he was suffering from was developed as a coping mechanism to forget killing her.

10. Does anyone actually know what is going on?!

Mario Perez / Getty Images

During the season three finale of Lost when we realized we were seeing a flash-FORWARD instead of a flashback! We have to go back... to pick up the pieces of our exploded brains.

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