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12 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Wear

Get the most out of your big day. Here are some tips for making your wedding gear stand the test of time. Check out Olay Regenerist Luminous and be glowing on your big day.

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1. Don't buy your dress from a bridal store.

This is a great way to find something a little different while still maintaining the perfect level of class. Try online retailers like ModCloth or ASOS for pretty dresses you can wear over and over. This is especially smart for wedding guests and bridesmaids.

3. Give your bridesmaid a color or theme and let them run with it.

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As a bride, let your bridesmaids pick out their own dresses! They won't feel like they are spending too much money on their dress if they plan on wearing it again.

4. Choose flower girl dresses that can be used for other important events and holidays.

Picking out a light-colored dress that can be used for birthdays or spring holidays is the perfect idea if you're attending a spring or summer wedding.

5. Pick something light and flowing rather than stiff and puffy.

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One reason wedding dresses are so unwearable after your wedding is because of their size. Try finding a smaller dress that flows down rather than puffs out.

7. Try a print.

A good way to make your dress versatile is to try out a pretty print. They'll look lovely and, afterwards, nobody will even know it was used for a wedding.

10. If it's a summer wedding, try something short.

Not much for tradition? That's OK! Try something short that can be worn during a night out on the town or dressed up for a cocktail party.