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11 Skin-Care Tips Everyone Turning 30 Should Know

Want to start getting serious about your skin?

1. If you haven't been diligent about wearing sunscreen, now is the time to start applying it every day — even when it's not sunny outside.

2. Start exfoliating two times a week with a gentle acid-based product to keep your skin bright and luminous.

3. Prioritize sleep since nighttime is when skin repairs itself.

4. Add a brightening eye cream with vitamin C to your daily routine to keep the skin around your eyes vibrant (especially when you don't get enough sleep).

5. Swat out oil-fighting cleansers and spot treat blemishes if you're dealing with adult acne.

6. Always, always remove your makeup and cleanse your face before hitting the sheets.

7. Find a dermatologist you trust and start making regular visits.

8. Allow yourself some time to relax and destress every week.

9. Treat yourself to regular face masks to de-clog and purify your pores.

10. Add a lightweight moisturizer to your daily routine — even if your skin isn't particularly dry.

11. Eat a healthy diet filled with colorful, antioxidant-rich veggies and fruits.


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