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If You Narrate Your Own Life Through Song, You’ll Relate To This So Hard

Because you're the star of your own musical, and that musical is your life.

You know that feeling when you experience something so incredibly amazing that you have no choice but to perform the whole thing? Watch this, and you'll realize that you're not the only one:

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See? It's you!

Because first off, even if you don’t have the vocal range of some chart-topping superstar, that doesn’t mean you have to fight the urge to live your truth.

You wake up and your head is full to the brim with thoughts that just come out as songs.

Literally: Every. Single. Thought.

It's as if you're starring in your very own musical, and that musical is your life...

...fully equipped with backing vocalists who echo your singsongy thoughts.

And although your roommates may not be huge fans... doesn't stop you from riffing about any little part of your day.

Like when you get home from work.

Or when all you want to do is tuck into your favorite food and TV show.

At the end of the day, to you, everything in life is just better through song.

Images courtesy of Olay.

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