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Here's How To Be Super Dateable, According To OkCupid

What will get you more matches? OkCupid is sharing insider tips about being super dateable — based on millions of answers to their questions.

1. Proudly show that you're someone who knows their yours.

2. Give the people what they want: let them see your beautiful eyes!

3. Travel more, open your mind, understand the world, and the world will open up to you.

4. Participate in a cause you're passionate about, because caring is sexy!

5. We're not saying to roll up blazed to the date (maybe), but more than 50% of people are down to wake and bake, baby.

6. Just, uh...smell good. It makes sense.

7. Don't shy away from saying where you stand in these politically charged times.

8. A picture says 1,000 words; a caption says 100 more.

9. The more photos you add, the more you can show off just how rad you are!

10. Yeah, sex is great, but have you ever deeply connected with someone over shared political beliefs?

11. The more you share about yourself, the more chances you have at finding a great match.

12. Make sure to check your toxic masculinity at the door.

Dating deserves better. You deserve better. Download OkCupid today!

All images courtesy of OkCupid