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10 Things History Majors Are BEYOND Tired Of Hearing

If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked/said these things when I mentioned I'm a history major, I could pay off my tuition and buy the university myself.

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1. "History is really boring, there are too many dates and names."


Contrary to popular belief, being a history major does not simply involve frantically memorizing every important date, name, and event that has ever happened. Studying history is chock full of fascinating documents, intriguing stories, and gives us an incredible understanding of how out country made it to where it is today. Basically history is like one badass epic novel, except, you know, it all actually happened.

2. "All that stuff already happened though, why does that matter now..?"


I will give you copious amounts of money if you prove to me that the issues this country is facing today have no roots or inspiration in past historical events. Seriously...I'm waiting.

3. "Oh cool, so you're gonna be a teacher."

Well gosh, I sure don't remember saying that! Usually, they aren't even asking but instead stating that I am in fact going to teach. There are a plethora of other career options out there for history majors, with a ton not even directly related to history at all. Being a history major gives you some bomb ass writing, researching, and editing skills that any employer will fangirl over on a resume. Of course, if you are going to teach with a history degree that rocks too!

4. "Oh yeah, I love the history channel!"


Oh cool, good to know! But I fail to see how that relates to this given the fact that the history channel is a GOD DAMN LIE! They should rename it the "Angry Bald Pawnshop Owner and People Driving Trucks on Ice Channel: Featuring the Occasionally Factually Inaccurate History Special" Seriously History Channel, get your shit together.

5. "Well, then when did *insert historic event here* happen?"


I'm sorry, I thought I said I was a history major, not a walking encyclopedia. Sure, I know a good amount of dates, but those are among the least important things to remember. We are far less concerned with when it happened as much as why, and what its consequences were. So please, just Google it!

6. "Wow, you must have super easy blow-off classes!"


Sure, if you call 6 assigned books for one class all requiring an 8-page analysis, jammed into one semester easy, then yeah! Oh and can't forget the lectures and exams on top of all that. Now multiply that by about 5. Most people assume history consists of multiple choice tests with basic "When did this happen?" "Who is this person?" questions. Oh, sweet baby Jesus I wish.

7. "Oh, good luck finding a job."


Thanks! Although I probably won't need it since my history degree has given me not only historical knowledge, but valuable writing, researching, and argumentative skills. Also, rude! Perhaps do some research into what exactly a history major can do before you lay the generic "humanities degrees don't get jobs" lecture on us.

8. "So you could, like, go dig up dinosaurs?"


This one always baffles me., my degree in which I studied the vast histories of a variety of countries does not allow me to become a paleontologist. I mean, sure, some people may have found jobs with such a degree, but I guarantee you that what they're teaching us in our history classes in no way shape or form prepares us to unearth dinosaur bones.

9. "I hated history in high school."


Cool, thanks for sharing. I hated a lot of things in high school, but typically choose not to bring it up when speaking to someone who clearly has a passion for the subject. Also, what are you attempting to accomplish with that statement?

10. "Oh, *insert inaccurate historical fiction movie here* is my favorite movie ever!"


Don't get me wrong, it's probably an entertaining movie, but if you are telling me this to show me that you are totally up on your history, you failed. That would be like me telling a Greek history expert that 300 is my favorite movie ever. Or perhaps telling a doctor that Grey's Anatomy is the greatest show on TV. You go on and love those movies, hell I'm guilty of really enjoying a good amount of historically inaccurate films. Just, please, don't use movies as your method of learning history.

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