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How "Stranger Things" Tapped Perfectly Into The Millennial Market

After premiering this summer, the Netflix Original series "Stranger Things" rose to the top of the charts immediately. In eight short episodes, it found its way to steal both the Emmy's red carpets and our hearts. As a communications major, I naturally ponder: Why? What is it about the show that makes it so lovable?

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As I started watching the series, I started realizing that the show developers must have just trolled on Tumblr for things that internet-addicted teens and twenty-somethings loved. Each character, theme, music, actor, and story arc reminded me of things that my friends and I (college-aged millennials) love. Here are my top picks for my millennials go nuts for Stranger Things:

5. Mystery

We love mystery for the same reason we love throwing it back to the 80s. It makes us forget about our significant cheating others, student loans, homework, and tear-stained pillows.

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