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5 Ways Mitchell Davis Pushed The Boundaries Of Snapchat Lately

I noticed an influencer and content creator I follow has been more creative on his Snapchat lately, and this is how.

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We open the Snapchat app, and what are we tempted to take a picture of first? Our Starbucks latte with the caption, "much needed", or a selfie with the latest interactive Snapchat filter? This is not the case for content creator Mitchell Davis. Davis has been creating content, primarily YouTube videos on his channel LiveLavaLive since 2007. In his early days, his catchphrase "Hey hi hello, it's Mitchell Davis". His videos have always been imaginative and outside of the box - even in the early days of YouTube, when everything was game. Since then, he's done some traditional acting, but he still has created content on YouTube. He has an inquisitive mind, it appears. He looks at life differently - with a questioning eye. His interested in Snapchat started with his "Snapchat filter review" videos, like this one:

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I follow his Snapchat stories, and have noticed that his are different than the others on my feed. They're elusive and creative. They make me wonder - is he secretly promoting something? Is he finding a channel for his creativity? This is an example of influencers using their channels for creativity, gaining intrigue the organic way.

1. When he made himself a kaleidoscope

2. When he created dimension in the screen. Where my 3D glasses?

3. When he made us think that acne could be a CD emoji

4. When he gave us a prompt, and included some design elements

5. When he crossed over Instagram and Snapchat, employing a boomerang (proprietary app of Instagram) on his story

Does this story entice you to be more creative in your content creation? How do you think you could think out of the box?

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