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    Driven By Kindness, Peer Coach Eric Dinsdale Creates Midnight Rambler

    Eric Dinsdale started smoking marijuana and cigarettes just before going to 6th grade. By the age of 15, he ran in with the wrong group of kids that landed him on probation. Instead of pushing jail, his parole officer pushed for him to get medical help. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

    Midnight Rambler

    Despite battling addiction and mental health-related issues, Eric Dinsdale was able to push through the trauma and is now using his experience and BA degree in Human Relations from Doane University, to help others.

    In addition to publishing his first book, Midnight Rambler, Dinsdale runs a coaching program designed to help others by providing peer support in Mental Health, Overcoming Substance Abuse, Smoking, and even support for single fathers!

    What is Midnight Rambler? A series of short writings composed by Dinsdale when he finally finds solace at the end of the day. A moment of personal discovery at night where he began to connect with his past and use his mental health and substance abuse struggles as a stepping stone in helping others understand and grow from his and their personal journey.

    When asked about what his motivation is, Dinsdale replied “My mom inspires me to be good and kind. My grandmother inspired me as she was patient and kind.

    Kindness is what the world needs more of right now especially as people fight to overcome mental health struggles, substance abuse, and other vices and Dinsdale has risen to the challenge!