Geeking Out With John Hodgman

In Episode 2 of Geeking Out, Kerri Doherty talks Bored to Death, cheesecake and geeks vs. nerds.

1. Geeking Out: Episode 2

On this episode of Geeking Out, Kerri sits down with actor, humor writer, and gigantic nerd, John Hodgman. The Daily Show correspondent and Bored to Death actor discusses geeking out on his own celebrity hero, how Kerri might brand herself with cheesecake, and why Bored to Death should be brought back to television.

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2. More Hodgman: 2008 on Spamasterpiece Theater

Boing Boing’s Spamasterpiece Theater.

3. Hodgman on Maddow

Talking the campaign on MSNBC.

4. I’m a PC!

“I have that virus that’s going around.”

5. That Is All

Deranged millionaire John Hodgman.

6. Hodgman on Flip-Flopping

“Mitt is not his first name.”

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