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11 Ways To Trick Your Kids Into Doing Things That Are Good For Them

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2. Make bath time more fun (or simply happen) by getting bath paints.


Kids love getting dirty, so let them! Bath paints wash right off anyway, and heck, they're way better than mud. AND TOYS. GOTTA HAVE PLENTY OF THOSE.

4. Help them do chores by playing their favorite jams...


I mean, sure, with their cleaning skills, they'll probably just leave the house looking worse, but something's something. Lead by example for a few minutes, teaching them the art of sweeping and rivaling the hip movements of Shakira at the same time. Then crank up the volume to their favorite Taylor Swift song, retract into the bushes, and — voilá! — you got yourself a miniature Rosie the Robot Maid!

5. ...and reward them for finishing their chores by making them the ruling monarchs of the house (but not really).


It should go something like this: "Guys, guess what?! Whoever makes their bed faster gets to pick out tonight's dinner!" (And if you end up eating fried cabbage...well, that's just part of the game.) BUT THEY'LL LOVE THEIR CABBAGE AND IT'LL REMIND THEM OF THEIR REIGNING GLORY, AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS.

6. Numb their tongue with a delicious ice pop before making them take medicine...


Just make sure they still have said ice pop around after they take it 'cause God forbid that chemical cherry taste has to linger in their mouths.

7. Get them to brush their teeth by bringing their fave stuffed animal along for the adventure!

Make it a party of three: you, the demonstrator; the stuffed animal, aka the loyal instruction follower whose "teeth" you'll brush; and your kid, who may be more excited to partake in the fun after you guys show how it's done! Here are five tips you can check out to get your little one excited about teeth-brushing!

8. Get them to get dressed quicker by working your way around the word "no".


Instead of saying "Hey, you ready to get dressed?" and heading to "no"-land at the speed of light, simply ask them, "So what's it's gonna be: the yellow sweatshirt or the green one?" Reducing their choices reduces the hassle. 😎

9. When potty-training, there's the super-awesome ~REWARD CHART~.

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Every time they use the potty, they get to glue a sticker on the chart. What will the prize for five stickers be? Or 10?! Totally up to you.

10. Get them to eat fruits and veggies by beautifying their lunchboxes!


If all else fails, you can just drizzle a little ranch dressing on the enemy (aka broccoli). And try including some sweet and delicious snacks like dried cranberries as their dessert (as opposed to sugary cookies).

11. Help get them reading by agreeing to buy books instead of toys.


They're always gonna ask for stuff, but if you are more lenient when it comes to purchasing books (as opposed to, say, toys), reading may just end up being one of their fave hobbies! Here are 10 more ways to encourage reading!

With these tricks you'll go from regular ol' magician. Tell us how you "trick" your kids below!

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