25 Dogs Who Are More Excited Right Now Than You’ve Ever Been

Face it. Dogs just get it. They’re positive, they love unconditionally, and they’re always up for adventure. Get off your butt and Be more dog.

1. Sausage Sausage Sausage Sausage come to me sausage yessssss


2. You’re gonna hang out on your computer all day? Cool. I’m going outside.

3. Thanks for the leg up, man!

4. OH MY GOD, BATHTIME. Ohhh my goddddd bathtime.

5. What do I do with all this energy?? Where do I put it?!? I love stairs!!

6. “Do I want to go for a walk?” Of course I want to go for a walk! Have we met?

7. Food! I forgot about food! Thank you for the food!

8. Are you gonna use that perfume sampler? No? Great! I love people perfume!

9. I found a pile of leaves, and I jumped into it! I jumped right into it! I’m the bravest!

10. I don’t even have opposable thumbs! Boo yah!

11. Best moment of my life so far. Paws down.

12. I have hands now?!? I’m unstoppable!!!

13. Are you Tegan? Or are you Sara? I don’t care it doesn’t matter I love you.

Daniel Silbert / Via vine.co

14. This air is happening so fast! Right into my face!! Amazing!!!

15. I learned a trick I learned a trick I learned a trick I learned a trick I learned a trick

16. Mail! I love mail! Is it for me?! No? That’s ok!

17. Hah! Whoops! Today is the best day.

18. We’re going on an adventure, wanna come??

19. OMG couch OMG pillow OMG YOU.

20. Can’t tell you how much I love this song. This is my jam.

21. Look. At. What. We’ve. Accomplished. GUYS.

22. This grass is so tall this grass is taller than me I can’t believe it.


24. I’m the tallest dog in the world right now! With the shortest legs in the world! Hah!

25. Care to join me in this tube? Go get your wheely-board thing!

26. When’s the last time you were as jazzed as these guys? Repeat after us: Be more dog.

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