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    Hands-On Honest, NYX BB Cream Review

    The best substitute for a foundation is the BB creams, as they are very tight and skin-friendly. Today's review is of NYX BB cream. My experience with this cream was quite pleasant. Without wasting any further time, that starts with the hands-on, honest NYX BB cream review. The First Impressions This cream is PETA certified, which means this cream is quality free and that the stuff is entirely vegan. It is well packed in a traditional tube and easy to get hold of the desired amount. It retains the moisture well and gives a refreshing feeling all day. Texture and Feel It blends well with the skin and leaves a very subtle to no gradient finish on the face. It is the best cream for the person with oily skin. It provides you with a fresh look for a long time. Efficiency The most important and the best part of NYX BB cream is its very light product. It is only one year of this cream is sufficient to hold the makeup for at least 6 hours. In the efficiency section, I will provide this cream with five stars. Available Shades The only drawback is the versatility in the shades, as NYX offers only three shades. ● NYX Nude Beauty Balm ● NYX Natural Beauty Balm ● NYX Golden Beauty Balm Pros: ● Feels light on the skin ● Perfect for quick touch up ● Efficient in holding the makeup for an extended period ● Best for oily skin Cons: ● No SPF protection ● Limited number of shades In my consideration, if you want to change your regular foundation. NYX BB cream is the best substitute in the market. With no extra weight to pull and it feels incredibly fantastic on the skin too.