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19 Ways To Make The Most Of Summer In New York Before It's Over

Summer is when New Yorkers come out to play. And imagine how much playing you could do if you won Cash4Life. Hint: as much as you like.

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2. Bury your buddy in the sand at Rockaway Beach.

4. Indulge your inner Scrooge with free movies in the park.

That cash you saved COULD go to sneaking in some wine in your tote bag... not that we're recommending.

6. ...and don't forget to take your babies with you.

7. By the way: A house by the beach is even better than a rooftop.


10. Read a book (or just pretend to read a book) in the park.

12. Though, the High Line is great, too — if you can get one of the highly coveted seats.

15. Two more words: Italian ices.

19. Oh, and if you can find a patch of grass big enough, set up one of these:

The only thing more magical than all that? Winning $1,000 a day with Cash4Life.