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11 Simple Ways To Maximize Your Precious Downtime

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1. Wake up a couple minutes earlier than usual to practice a new skill.

2. Make coffee while you wait for the shower to heat up.

3. Clean the tub while you're in it.

4. AND simul listen to your podcasts during your routine.

Even better, listen to them at 2x speed.

5. Write out your daily goals before leaving the house.

6. Cook enough food for more than one meal, then freeze all the leftovers and save them for another day.

7. And while you're waiting, practice the moves you learned in dance class.

8. Use helpful apps like Evernote to keep all your cross-platform notes organized in one place.

9. FaceTime the fam while cleaning.

10. Squeeze in simple exercises while you catch up on your shows.

11. As a reward, flip through your dating apps during commercial breaks.

Make the most of your downtime by playing games from the New York Lottery! You may not be able to buy more time, but you sure as heck could buy more boats.