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This Video Will Make You Never Want To Use Snapchat Again

Slowly reaches for phone and deletes app.

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Space Oddity Films just released a short horror film called 3 Seconds. It'll make you question everything about Snapchat, give you goose bumps, and make you question what the hell you just watched by the end.

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The short movie starts off with homegirl waking up to a Snapchat of a picture of herself with the caption, "did I wake u :)." Instead of running...she decides to take her ass back to sleep like it's nothing.

I know if that were me, my ass would be out the door.

After putting her phone on DND (do not disturb), she gets another Snapchat. This time, a birds eye view of her sleeping with a terrible illustration of her with green hair.

Still not leaving, she searches her bedroom and finds nothing, so she crawls back into bed to get...another Snapchat.


I'm just trying to figure out why she hasn't left yet.

Something strange happens, like an exorcism using the rainbow snapchat filter. I guess that means she's a goner?

I have to say it was pretty creepy and clever, but honestly...what the fuck did I just watch?