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    This Teacher Gave His Student A Heartwarming Pep Talk We All Need To Hear

    "You can do it, you just gotta put your mind to it."

    Instructor Shärath Jason Wilson makes it his goal to help his students reach their full potential. In this video, he teaches his student the importance of never giving up:

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    The video starts with a student at the Cave of Adullam trying to break a board during a test.

    His instructor notices his frustration and encourages him to channel that frustration in breaking the board.

    Having trouble breaking the board with his left punch, the student becomes emotional and begins to cry.

    Instead of scolding the student for crying, Wilson stops the class to talk through what he is feeling.

    And through tears, his student explains that he's having trouble punching the board with his left hand.

    Wilson reassures the boy that it is OK to cry, even if that is something that has been culturally frowned upon for black men to do.

    And he teaches him that mental fortitude is vital, especially for black men.

    He reassures him that he can achieve anything as long as he puts his mind to it.

    And after the honest discussion, the student gets back into his stance and breaks the board so effortlessly.