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This Guy Transforms People’s Hair Into Art And You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching

Slay, slay, slay for the gawds.

How many times a week do you find a random Instagram page to spend hours creeping on? Well, get ready to spend way too much time looking at George Kot's Instagram, because his hairstyles are pretty much works of art.

Via Instagram: @georgiykot

He generously blesses all of us with these unique and detailed looks...

Instagram: @georgiykot us hairstyle goals...

Instagram / Via

You can even watch some hair tutorials on his page and try out the styles...if you think you're up to the task.

Instagram / Via Instagram: @georgiykot

Or, you can just drool scrolling through his Instagram and hope that one day you will be as talented as him.

Instagram / Via

Because you know what they say: Slay, slay, slay for the gawds.

Instagram / Via
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