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    This Kid And His Mom's Car Ride Is The Most Lit

    *Hits dougie*

    It's embarrassing (sometimes) when one of your favorite songs comes on while you're in the car and all you want to do is jam out. After this video though, you will be unapologetic the next time a song makes you go cray-cray:

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    I mean, it's like a trance when you hear the first few lines of your favorite song.

    Because you feel the pain in any breakup song.

    And you can't help but hit your dab so elegantly and yet so hard when the beat to “Panda” drops.

    And forget about trying not to dance when "One Dance" plays — the beat automatically makes you move your shoulders and hips.

    And trying not to sing along to Ri's "Work" is one of the most disrespectful things anyone can do.

    It's also important that we take a moment to appreciate this mother, who is literally best friend goals.

    She's like that one friend who volunteers to be the designated driver when you want to have a few drinks.

    That one friend who always gives you a shoulder to lean on when you've had one too many shots.