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    These Women Tried Runway Makeup And Realized Why People Don’t Wear That Crap Everyday

    "I was startled by Chanty."

    Runway eye makeup can be simplistic or super extreme, but can you pull it off when you aren't strutting your stuff on the runway? Well, the Ladylike women tried it, and it was absolutely bonkers:

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    The ladies didn't have much experience with eye makeup and were a little anxious to see what kind of looks they would be pulling off.

    But they dove right in and faced their fears of having a crazy-looking cat eye.

    Freddie decided to add her own twist.

    Chantel's makeup was pretty much identical to this model's.

    Devin came through with a simple but cute look.

    And Jen slayed by switching it up with lighter color.

    But did other people like their looks?

    And neither did they. So, lady tested? Lady is going to stick with regular makeup, unless they're walking on a runway.