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These Two Women Are Giving Us The Definition Of Black Girl Magic

"I understand that being a brown woman and doing what we do is beautiful."

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Refinery29 interviewed Brooklyn-based art collective Chargaux, which has taken the world by storm with an original contemporary-hip-hop-classical sound, reminding all of us that black girl magic exists.

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They described the challenges they face being women of color in a male-dominated industry...

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"Sometimes people will say, 'Who produced that track? That guy?' And it's no, we did that. They may think someone else had to pay for us to be in the city to record. No, we paid for that...ourselves...with our savings," Charly told Refinery29.

...and how they continue to create music because it inspires others.

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"This woman told us she was getting ready to have brain surgery and she said, 'I want to put your CD in before I go under because your music was so inspiring and I want that to be potentially the last thing I hear before the surgery if I don't make it out.' Those are the moments that are worth it," Margaux told Refinery29.