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    This Woman Was Sick Of Not Seeing Herself Represented So She Started Her Own Movement

    "I wanted to create a platform for other plus-size women."

    The ladies of Pretty Big Movement, a new dance company based in New York City, are taking the world by storm and challenging society’s expectations of what a dancer “should" look like. The Scene chatted with the badass ladies to hear a bit more about their mission:

    The Scene / Via Facebook: video.php

    Akira Armstrong was inspired to start Pretty Big Movement after she flew to LA to shoot a music video for Beyoncé (casual).

    While trying to find representation in LA, she realized nobody was willing to cast her and women like her because of their size. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

    "When people think about the stereotypical dancer's body, they think: very thin, tall, long legs, long arms,” she told The Scene.

    Akira hopes to inspire little girls: “I want the little girl who is watching to say, 'Hey look, Mom, I can do that too.’"

    And since starting Pretty Big, Akira's confidence has boosted. She hopes that with the growth of the company she’ll continue to inspire plus-size women to chase their dreams, no matter what society says.

    Keep representin', ladies ✨.