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Leslie Jones Explained Why Dating Is Hard AF When You're Magical


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Leslie Jones is just out here slaying the game, especially after her interview on The Wendy Williams Show, where she discussed her love life and got so real about the pros and cons of being single and successful.

CW / Via Facebook: wendyshow

After fangirlin' for a little bit, Wendy and Leslie got straight to the tea and discussed Leslie's dating life.

She explained that even though she's full of energy, she's too old to go the club...

...side note, her definition of old is 48. GURLLL, bye.

And when she admitted that she didn't have a man, she shocked Wendy and the rest of the world.

She explained that with all her success it's been hard trying to find a man who isn't intimidated by her boss-ass moves.

And all the guys she's dated are concerned about one thing and one thing only:

She had everyone like:

The next guy Leslie dates is going to be one lucky mofo 'cause she's literally QUEEN.

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