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Just A Post About How Awesome & Adorable Lin-Manuel Miranda & Vanessa Nadal Are


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1. Lin had a crush on Vanessa in high school

I had a crush on my wife in high school. Our first date was in our mid-twenties. Dreams take time. #Goodmorning

2. The story of their first date

Good morning Twittericans! Made breakfast in bed for the missus this morning: It's our 6-year dating anniversary! #EggsnGoyaAdobo

The story of our first date, in 4 tweets: 1) We had an FLS show in the E. Village. V came with a bunch of her friends: I verbally dazzled!

2) V invited me out for ice cream after: I will never forget @ChrisisSingin seeing her and whispering to me: "You ain't ready, dawg."

fyi, there's no 3)

4) and Salsa Dancing in my apartment to Marc Anthony. After she left, I called @ChrisisSingin and said "I think I just met my wife."

3. At their wedding, Lin and Frank (his father-in-law) surprised Vanessa with a performance of L'Chaim from the musical Fiddler on the Roof

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4. He's so proud of her

Just watched my wife argue a case in court for the first time. She was so poised and so cool. I wanted to get up and scream "THATS MY WIFE!"

5. She's proud of him too

(4/6) To the extraordinary man I trick into loving me everyday, @Lin_Manuel, I love you. Congratulations.

6. They just celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary

6 years married today. All-time high-score love of my life.

7. They have cute twitter conversations like this

@Lin_Manuel, you would not have known what to do with me. But now, now I love you. It's all good.

8. Don't forget this one

Today is the first day in 7 years I don't have a writing deadline looming. (I was writing Moana all thru Hamilton opening.) What do I do?

@VAMNit set up cable guy, got tissues, BOUGHT baby food (you don't want me makin it) Draw the line at gym. Love you!

9. The Miranda/Nadal families

The boys @TheTonyAwards Tristan Frank @Lin_Manuel Luis @Vegalteno @louiscrespo

The ladies @TheTonyAwards Diemut Luz @ltmphd Cita @mamacita1126 Vanessa @VAMNit


The ladies who run my life, and give it meaning: Tobillo, @ltmphd, @VAMNit, and @mamacita1126.

11. The Tony's 2008 vs. 2016


12. Vanessa is also super smart

My fav contracts professor correctly reminded me that I have a chemical engineering degree, so: profile updated. (He's an engineer, too.)

14. They have an adorable Dominican dog called Tobillo

15. Tobillo = Ankle in Spanish

She nibbled my wife's ankle on her beach chair to get her attention.

16. They also have a son

See, the whole 8 months I was tweeting pics of my dog, this was happening. That's what magicians call the prestige.

17. Meet Sebastian Miranda

[The screams reach a frenzied pitch. SEBASTIAN MIRANDA enters. He is 7 pounds 10 ounces.] End Of Act One.


19. We also get cute videos like this

Order! Order! Twitterico is now in session. Sebastian & Tobillo now presiding.

20. And good reminders like this

I hear my son call for agua around 3am every morning. I also get agua. It's our little 3am agua break. You drinking enough agua homey?

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