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Disclaimer: there are no plans to make the Harry Potter books into a television series. But there should be.

Disclaimer: there are no plans to make the Harry Potter books into a television series. But there should be.

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There are some obvious things missing from the movies that are in the books. Details, subplots, characters. I'm gonna detail them out here so if anyone were to read this and actually have the power to make a tv series possible, they'll know what they should keep in.

1. First and foremost, Hermione.

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Specifically, her badass-ery. Yes, she's already a bad ass in the movies in her own right. But let's not forget that she imprisoned Rita Skeeter in a jar, created SPEW, gave Cho's friend (ugh) a nasty hex that even baffled Madam Pomfrey, and basically memorized the entirety of Hogwarts, A History.

Harry and Ron both admit they wouldn't have gone far without Hermione. How about let's give her credit where credit is due?

2. The Marauders

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One of the very few flaws in PoA is that they LITERALLY NEVER EXPLAIN WHO THE MARAUDERS REALLY ARE! Yeah I know, Lupin's speech in the book is just slightly long-winded but I will willingly sit in the nice breeze.

Honestly, I am still waiting for a series about the Marauders generation: tv, book, movie. I'll take anything (I am also 100% down to write this series for Warner Bros. *wink wink*).

3. The House Elves

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First off, Winky is 100% missing from the entire series. But no offense I can kind of disregard that.

What I can't disregard is Dobby and Kreacher's part. After CoS, Dobby maybe has 5 minutes of screen time. I want to see him wearing 52 hats and socks and scarves. I want to see the kitchens, and see how all the other elves think Dobby is just plain weird (which brings me back to the fact that I don't just want SPEW, I need it).

Let's also not forget Kreacher's redeeming moments were also removed from the movies. In The Deathly Hallows, Harry actually does form a bond with Kreacher and it's heartbreaking when the trio can't go back to Grimmauld Place. Literally cried. Literally crying RN just thinking about it. Moving on.

4. The Weasleys

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Yes this family was a huge part of the movies. They were in every single movie. Well, some of them at least (side eye). I want more of Molly's spunk. I want Charlie, just in general. I want Percy's redemption. I want Bill's beautifully scarred face. I wanted more than 15 seconds of screen time for Fred's death so I have time to get rid of all the tears in my system. I won’t even get started on Ginny because…

5. Ginny

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Yes, she's a Weasley. I could have just lumped her with #4. But guess what? I'm not gonna do that. Ginny will not be put in a corner. She is witty and mischievous and stands up for herself. In the books.

In the movies, not so much.

6. Peeves

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Actually in general all the ghosts.

I want to see Peeves mess with Umbridge, collaborate with Fred and George, and just in general cause mayhem.

I want to see the Bloody Baren on his knees begging the Grey Lady for forgiveness (okay I don't believe that actually happened in the books but hey I'm just spitballing here).

I want to go to Sir Nicholas’s Death Day celebration.

Honestly, you could probably leave out the ghost that teaches History of Magic.

7. Lupin and Tonks

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Okay, this is probably the point I'm most passionate about.

Lupin in general is one of my favorite characters, and he's definitely my favorite professor (don’t tell McGonagall).

But his relationship with Tonks is just pure joy. I am tearing up just thinking of it. I love that her Patronus is a wolf (still wondering what it was before though). I love how she's not willing to take his self-deprecating shit. I love how she's comfortable being her weird, funny self and is still hands down a badass. If I were to name one power couple, it's these two (okay maybe Molly and Arthur are tied but we can argue this at another time).

And I'm still extremely angry that Harry named his kid after Snivelus over Lupin.

8. Dumbledore's backstory

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I love that his tumultuous relationship with Abeforth and the unfortunate death of his sister shaped who he was. His imperfections as a human is what makes him perfect as a character.

9. Talking about backstories...

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What about Snape and Voldemort? We missed all of Voldemort and Snape's backstory in HBP. And I think those really add to the story and the characters.

One thing I love about this series is that you can see the parallels between Voldemort, Snape, and Harry. They come from similar terrible childhoods. Harry was basically abused by the Dursleys. Snape was severely bullied. Voldemort was an orphan. But besides that, they also echo the three brothers from the tale of the Deathly Hallows. Voldemort died for power, Snape died for love, and Harry embraced death, which might be the only reason he was to survive out of the three. I felt that a lot of this subtext was missing from the movies.

10. Voldemort's death

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Talking about the Deathly Hallows, I will just come forth and say it. Voldemort’s body shoulda hit the cold hard ground. The wizarding world needed to see his body. The first time he ‘died’, in Godric’s Hallow, the speculation over whether he really was dead or not came from the lack of body. But that’s not the only reason I wanted the death to be different. I wanted his body there to show the world that he was, after all, a man. By letting him break apart into ash and drift off into air, you take away his human-ness.

And now for some honorable mentions...

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- Potterwatch

- Lee Jordan announcing the Quidditch matches

- Luna announcing the Quidditch match that one time

- Seeing Neville in St. Mungo's Hospital

- Peter Pettigrew's death

- In general, more information on the Prophecy

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