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Here’s Why Being A Cat Parent Is Different From Being A Dog Parent

Let's face it: You didn’t become a cat parent for the thank-yous. But, you can show your cat some appreciation with Nutrish® treats.

As a cat parent, you do not choose when it’s time to cuddle.

Dogs are pretty much always down to cuddle. With cats, however, cuddling is on their terms.

There is no such thing as privacy when it comes to cats.

It’s just another way of showing their love.

Your cat might not be as eager to go for a walk.

In all fairness, cats never claimed to be great hiking buddies.

Cats miss you when you’re gone; they just show it in a different way.

They’ve definitely been pining for you though.

It’s really hard working from home with a cat.

Why are laptops so warm???

But there’s something about cats that makes you feel special.

Let’s face it — dogs love everyone. When a cat likes you, it’s because you are awesome.

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