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These Photos Will Give You All The Furry Feels Of Being A Cat Parent

If you're a cat parent, get ready to feel all the feels with these equally adorable and relatable images. Spoil your furry little baby today with new Real Chicken and Real Salmon Cat Treats from Nutrish®!

1. That cozy, slither-against-your-shin feeling.

2. That content smile derived from only the most satisfactory of scratches.

3. Their sweet, fleeting days as a kitten you can't help but recall on the regular.

4. When you, the boop-er, become the boop-ed.

5. This paw-on-hand moment, which floods your heart with warm butter and your eyes with tiny pools of joy.

6. Absolutely any time you curl up with a good book and they curl up with you, completely unprompted.

7. When they form a bond with the other four-legged members of the family.

8. The pristine gorgeousness of a clean litter box.

9. When your cat converts the resident dog lover in your life.

10. The dystopian novella that is attempting to travel with cats.

11. And the moment you realize your cat might just love you as much as you love them.

Images via Getty/iStock

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