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12 Signs Your Cat Is Actually Your Child

"I just didn't feel complete until I had my first cat."

1. You have an insatiable need to dress them up in funny outfits.

2. But they are way more adorable when they dress themselves.

3. It's impossible to get them to stop picking on their siblings.

4. They know exactly how to get a treat no matter how soon dinner is.

5. They're equal parts helpless, awkward, and impressive.

6. And you can always sense when their clumsy bodies are gonna make a mess.

7. They will do anything to get their hands on your technology.

8. It would be easier to give up on bathtime and let them be dirty.

9. Despite all the toys you buy, mundane trash always becomes their favorite thing to play with.

10. You remember the days when you didn't have to fight to sleep in.

11. You also remember the days when you could have nice things.

12. And you wouldn't trade their cuddles for anything in the world.

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