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12 Ways Nutella® Makes You Smile

Nutella® is a beautiful thing that should be cherished. Spread the happy™.

1. Look how beautiful it looks between two pieces of toast:

2. How it transforms this average cracker:

3. And enhances this bagel:

4. Look how daintily it seeps into each crescent crevice:

5. Watch how it pools in each waffle nook:

6. This Nutella® heart is inevitable:

7. And just imagine how happy those banana slices are:

8. Look how smoothly it spreads across this crescent corner:

9. And, oh gosh, just look at how proud those strawberries are to be next to that beauty:

10. This Nutella® pizza will definitely put a grin on your face:

11. Dare to think of a better crêpe filler:

12. But really though...