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    6 Burning Questions I Have After Watching Season Two Of "The Umbrella Academy" That I Need Answered ASAP

    "Oh my god, we're back again." Yes, there are spoilers in this post!

    1. Will we meet the other 35 children with superpowers?

    Lila frowns into the distance

    In season two, we are introduced to Lila, the eighth child born with superpowers on October 1st. We also see her disappear at the end of the season. Will she be a major character in the third season and, perhaps most importantly, will her allegiance lie with the Umbrella Academy? And what about the other 35 children? Will all of them be introduced at some point in the next few seasons?

    2. Will Harlan become a hero or a villain?

    Harlan looks despondently down at a cat figurine

    Initially, it was believed that Harlan's powers were removed by Vanya at the end of the season. However, we are shown later that he has retained some of them and can levitate his toys into the air. How will these powers grow as he gets older, and will Harlan be able to control them? Will we meet an older, perhaps more sinister version of him next season?

    3. What is Reginald Hargreeves searching for?

    Reginald looks into the distance wearing a monocle.

    In season two, we see Reginald REMOVE HIS FACE to reveal a blue, alien-like head. Who — or better yet, what — exactly is Reginald, and what is the end goal he's hoping to reach by collecting all of these superpowered children?

    4. Who are the Sparrow Academy?

    Ben now leader of the Sparrow Academy gazes angrily past the camera

    Once our version of the Hargreeves family returns to 2019, they are greeted by a very-much-alive Reginald Hargreeves. Their initial confusion only multiplies when they meet Ben (with bangs!), who is now also alive and part of the Sparrow Academy. Who are the members of this new mysterious family, and why has Reginald rounded up a different group of children in this timeline?

    5. What other changes have the Umbrella Academy unknowingly caused?

    The Hargreeves family gazes up at the sky while surrounded by total destruction

    We've already been shown that there are three massive changes to the current timeline when Team Zero jumps back to 2019. What else in the timeline have they affected from their stint in the '60s? Did Dave survive the war? What about Klaus' cult, Destiny's Children, are they still active? How did Allison affect the Civil Rights Movement? What will this slightly-altered world look like next season and how will they cope?

    6. How long will we have to wait for season three?

    The Hargreeves family waits awkwardly in an elevator

    At the end of season two, Umbrella Academy has officially caught up to the current arc of the comic book. How will this affect the wait time for the next season of the show? Will they try to move ahead without the comic book, or wait for its current arc completion before they begin writing? Regardless of the outcome, let's just all keep our fingers crossed that we don't end up with a situation like the eighth season of Game of Thrones!