6 Burning Questions I Have After Watching Season Two Of "The Umbrella Academy" That I Need Answered ASAP

    "Oh my god, we're back again." Yes, there are spoilers in this post!

    1. Will we meet the other 35 children with superpowers?

    Lila frowns into the distance

    2. Will Harlan become a hero or a villain?

    Harlan looks despondently down at a cat figurine

    3. What is Reginald Hargreeves searching for?

    Reginald looks into the distance wearing a monocle.

    4. Who are the Sparrow Academy?

    Ben now leader of the Sparrow Academy gazes angrily past the camera

    5. What other changes have the Umbrella Academy unknowingly caused?

    The Hargreeves family gazes up at the sky while surrounded by total destruction

    6. How long will we have to wait for season three?

    The Hargreeves family waits awkwardly in an elevator