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A Definitive Review Of The Top 10 Unicorn Products

Add a little ~*magic*~ to your day!

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2. Makeup

Wet n Wild / Via

Decorate your face in unicorn colors for less than thirty bucks. Apparently, this is a limited edition item, so better buy it before the trend goes out of style.

3. Hair Dye

Lime Crime / Via

I know what you’re thinking, you thought you’d seen it all...but voila! Unicorn hair is fun, flirty, and... semi-permanent. You won't be multi-colored forever!

7. Christmas Trees

Treetopia / Via

Who says Christmas trees are just for the holidays? Unicorn trees are a home decor accessory that you’ll want in your house all year long. Sorry Santa!

9. Computer Covers

Urban Outfitters / Via

This one is for all the less intense unicorn lovers out there. Subtle, chic, but still channeling unicorn vibes. You can easily pull the pink and blue keyboard cover off the moment you no longer embrace the trend.

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