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The Seven Best Impulse Destinations To Keep Your Home Happy And Your Wallet Intact

Ballin on a budget? Keep things exciting this year with these destinations that will keep you from breaking the bank.

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7. Charleston, South Carolina

Great Food, great weather, great drinks...what could be better? Whether you want the opportunity to relax by the waterside, drink and feast on Southern soul food, or kick into gear and explore the museums and sites in one of the most Historic cities, Charleston offers it all. Highly acclaimed bed and breakfasts start at $55.

6. Austin, Texas

Street Food, Rocking Bars and oh yeah 80 degree weather in February make the "Live music capital of the World" an exciting place to check in (or out) for a few days. A diverse set of lodging and dining among the college crowd can keep your costs very low.

5. Colorado

Feeling outdoorsy? Grab your tent, grab your kayak, and grab your partner and check out all Colorado has to offer. From skiing, to hiking to white water rafting Colorado has it all under the sun. Some of the smaller towns outside Denver (Louisville, Fort Collins, and Holyoke) are undeniably picturesque and won't hurt your wallet.

4. Nashville

Infamous for some of the lowest lodging prices in the South, Nashville is quickly garnering a reputation to be a value hunters long as that value hunter loves barbecue, live music, and an assortment of down home breweries. Oh yeah and Nashville was Aziz's weekend excursion of choice in Master of None (It worked out for him...).

3. Puerto Rico

No passport? No problem. Puerto Rico (A US territory) offers a lot of the luxurious amenities but without the cost of an International flight, passport or visa for American citizens. Explore the beaches, history and shopping districts to the sound of reggaeton? Sign me up. Resorts can be pricey but other lodging can be found for much more affordable rates.

2. Toronto, Ontario

Canada has long been our overlooked neighbor to the north but Canada is quietly experiencing a huge tourism boom, one that let New York Times to name it the #1 tourist destination for 2017. One of the reasons for this is Canada's cultural hub, Toronto, the home of the Maple Leafs and Drake. A whole host of Airbnbs and Kijijis (Canada's Craigslist) can keep lodging affordable. Stick near the mainly ethnic enclaves as well to keep dining expenses low and taste buds on a high.

1. Cuba

An embargo kept us from Cuba too long, but with the island now accessible, Cuba is now open for us all to see. Visiting Cuba in many ways is a blast to the past where old automobiles and homes crowd the streets as newer cars are just now making their way there. The music, food and scenery provide for one of the most romantic settings and in the world. Getting to Cuba can be a challenge, but once you're there food, lodging, beverages and cigars are all as cheap as you will find in the Caribbean. And oh get to tell people you went to Effing Cuba!

Spice up your Valentine's Day with these locations that will keep adventure in your life and money in your wallet. Grab your partner, GO, and don't look back!

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