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This Guy Cat-Called Me And Then I Slept With Him!

It could happen to you!

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Miracles happen every day.

There I was. On my usual commute. Minding my own business.

Life is a funny thing. Because there I was. On my usual commute. And then out of nowhere, this guy yells "nice tits!"

I was shocked. Me? Little old me? I'm the lucky lady? I have tits that are "nice"?

Wow. I couldn't believe my luck. He picked me?

I turned around to make sure no one was behind me.

It was just me. Another stroke of luck! See, it was it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together.

I was so flattered by the wildly inappropriate sexual attention. After my breakup with John, I have to admit, my sexual confidence has a little down.

But then there was this guy! He likes me! He like-likes me! He even likes my tits!

So good to be loved for more than just my brain!

Still in shock, I turned around and looked him straight in the eyes.

I pointed to myself, asking "me?" without words.

Then I pointed to my lady region, asking for sexual compensation without words.

We went to a back alley and he certainly compensated if you know what I mean.

So to all the ladies out there...worried that they'll never find someone...if it could happen to me it could happen to anyone! Never give up! Sleep with your neighborhood cat-caller!

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