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Rest In Peace, "On Fleek"

2014-2014, gone but not forgotten.

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How precious each life is. And how quickly we forget.

But lest us remember, on this fine day, the fleeting glory of the phrase we once all held dear.

On fleek.

Ask your loved ones, ask yourself, when was the last time your heard someone utter this cultural milestone of a phrase?

Do they reply with answers like "two years ago and stop reminding me of the year that I lost my job and moved back in with mom and dad?"

That's how you know.

That's how you know that this cute lil catchphrase is long gone.

Once, "on fleek," was everywhere.

Anything could be on fleek! Your eyebrows. Your outfit. Your Spotify playlist (remember that one ad that always played on Spotify)?

But now.

Where is "on fleek"?

Living a life of privacy with its family upstate, away from the cameras?

In rehab? For "exhaustion"?

On a private jet, heading "somewhere, anywhere"?

We can't be sure.

All we know is that "on fleek" is gone. In fact, fleek keeps auto-correcting to "flee."

We can learn from this tragedy though. We have to.

Let us all recall the sweet words of singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, and then Janet Jackson when she sampled her song:

"You don't know what you got till it's gone."

On fleek, we'll never forget you. Although sometimes we wish we could. <3 <3 <3

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