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Epic Fail! Ryan Seacrest Tries To High Five Deaf Man!

So embarrassing!

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Former American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, made a humiliating faux pas last night when he tried to high five deaf contestant Scotty Mc Flibbens. Unbelievable! How did he expect him to hear his high five?

Here's a photo from the exact moment it happened:

Humiliating! This man cannot hear! Meaning he couldn't hear the sound of Ryan Seacrest, the beloved American television personality, trying to high five him! Awwwwkkkwaaarrrrdddd.

Luckily for Ryan, Scotty McFlibbens went on to become self-made mogul Kim Kardashian/Paris Hilton's former assistant.

Unfortunately, Paris Hilton's former assistant still lives without the ability to hear sounds. Sad.

In any case, Ryan Seacrest must be sooooooo embarrassed. Especially about the fact that his last name is Seacrest.

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