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10 Things That Only Happen In New York

This city just has a mind of its own! Haha!

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2. Eating A Bagel

You can try to do this in other cities but it's impossible! In order to chew and digest a bagel you HAVE to be in NYC! I've tried in both Seattle and Boston so I know for a fact.

4. Never Going to Sleep

The city that never sleeps! That's what they call this crazy place! That's because it's physically impossible to stay up for the whole night anywhere else. Try it for yourself!

5. Paying Your Taxes

Have you ever tried to pay your taxes in Dallas? Or Raleigh? HA! I bet not because you can't do this anywhere but the Big Apple! Ahh...Central Park in the fall...

10. Having Dinner with Friends

It's the tiny things like this that make me love this city. I still can't believe other cities don't have Shake Sha---I mean a table and food in order to have dinner with friends. Unbelievable.

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